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VOW E-Solar Catamaran

VOW E-Solar Catamaran

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VOW Exclusive – A mini catamaran with an environmentally friendly and cost-reduced eSpirit 1.0 PLUS 3 hp electric outboard engine.
The standard package includes 1 x 100 W solar panel, which is suitable for charging and therefore also provides a performance of around 3 hours. is sufficient

Technical specifications:
Height: 3.90 cm
Width: 2.10 cm
Speed: 4.6 knotes/h
Weight (empty): 350 kg
Battery: Provides an average usage time of 4-5 hours

It's time to enjoy calm seas and dreamy moments! Introducing Vow Exclusive Catamaran with the special design of VOW YACHT. This marvellous vessel is here to give you and your loved ones unforgettable moments. So, why should you prefer Vow Exclusive?

Vow Exclusive offers a perfect sea pleasure with a length of 3.90 metres and a width of 2.05 metres. Thanks to its 4-person capacity, it is ideal for wonderful moments with your family and friends. Moreover, weighing only 300 kg, 440 kg carrying capacity and 1.0 plus 3 hp recommended engine, it is extremely economical.

This catamaran, which will never let you down in terms of energy efficiency, is environmentally friendly thanks to its electric engine. Max speed reaches 5 knots and you can sail for 3 hours at full speed. The solar panel and digital power indicator help you keep your energy consumption under control.

Vow Exclusive's sleek design stands out with its white colour and chrome barriers. While the marine speaker and music system makes your journey more enjoyable, the interior lighting adds colour to your night cruises. Details such as the chrome ram's horn and cup holder reflect the quality of this catamaran.

Optional features include a fish finder, rod holder, colour option and life jacket. It offers a Vow Exclusive experience suitable for you and your sea-loving loved ones.

Now is the time to take action to enjoy the calm waters with Vow Exclusive Catamaran! Order now for unique sea adventures and start enjoying the sea. Remember, we are just a click away for the adventure to begin!


Model Vow exclusive
Class Katamaran
Total Length 3.90
Width 2.05 m
Person Capacity 4
Weight 300 kg
Carrying Capacity 440 Kg
Recommended Engine 1.0 plus 3 hp
Engine Weight 18 kg
Fuel Type Elektrikli
Max Speed 4.3 knot
Range (Full Speed) 3 saat


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Krom Kapak Açma/Kapama Var
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Elektrikli Güneş Paneli Var
Dijital Güç Göstergesi Var
USB Şarj Var
Miçoz Var
Akü Var
U Haritası Var
Aydınlatma Anahtarları Var
Krom Bardaklık Var
Su Gideri Var
Saklama Dolapları Var
Ön Yaslanma Minderi Var
Tente ve Fayfır Kaplama Var
Eva Yer Döşemesi Var
Koltuklar Var
Motor Krom Askılık Var
Krom Basamak Var
Soğutma Dolabı Var
Platform Var
Şemsiye Var
2 Adet Şezlong Var


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