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VOW Exclusive - With Platform

VOW Exclusive - With Platform

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The pride of the VOW YACHT Brand, Vow Exclusive Platform Catamaran! Offering you unlimited freedom and pleasure, this magnificent vessel will make every moment unforgettable.

Vow Exclusive's compact and elegant design will make you feel like a dream floating gently on the water. With an overall length of 3.65+3.00 metres and a width of 2.05 metres, she can accommodate up to 8 people, making her ideal for the perfect sea adventure to share with family and friends.

Think about the advantages of this magnificent catamaran! Show off your elegance on the water with the elegant white coloured design and chrome barriers. Marine loudspeakers and a music system will set the rhythm of your journey to the beat of the music. Interior lighting will add a touch of romance to your evening cruises.

Vow Exclusive offers a quiet and environmentally friendly experience thanks to its electric engine. Its 1.0 plus 3 horsepower recommended engine can be easily transported with its 18 kg weight. You can easily check your energy status with the digital power indicator and have constant energy thanks to the solar panel.

For speed enthusiasts, the Vow Exclusive's maximum speed can reach up to 4.3 knots and offers a range of 3 hours at full speed. This means more exploration and fun.

Vow Exclusive's standard equipment list will impress you. It includes marine cable, usb charging, water drain, storage cabinets, front reclining cushion, awnings and tiling. You have the freedom to choose the details that are most important to you.

Optional features such as a fish finder and rod holder are also available for those who love fishing. A choice of colours will help you personalise your catamaran, while safety equipment such as an anchor, oars and lifejacket will keep you ready at all times.

Now don't wait any longer to enjoy the Vow Exclusive. Buy this perfect watercraft today and enjoy freedom on the water!


Model Vow exclusive - Platformlu
Class Katamaran
Total Weight 3.90 + 3.00 m
Weight 2.05 m
Person Capacity 8
Weight 440 kg
Recommended Engine 1.0 plus 3 hp
Engine Weight 18 kg
Fuel Type Elektrikli
Max Speed 4.3 knot
Range (Full Speed) 3 saat



Color Beyaz
Chrome Barrier Var
Marine Speaker and Music System Var
Chrome Cover Opening/Closing Var
Interior Lighting Var
Chrome Ram Horn Var
Marine Cable Var
Electric Solar Panel Var
Digital Power Indicator Var
USB Charging Var
Mycosis Var
Battery Var
U Map Var
Lighting Switches Var
Chrome Cup Holder Var
Water drainage Var
Storage Cabinets Var
Front Leaning Cushion Var
Awning and Fayfir Covering Var
Eva Flooring Var
Seats Var
Engine Chrome Hanger Var
Chrome Step Var
Cooling Cabinet Var
Platform Var
Umbrella Var
2 Sunbeds Var



Fish finder Var
Oltalık Var
Renk Seçeneği Var
Çapa Var
Kürek Var
Can Yeleği Var
Yedek Batarya Var


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